Strategies and Tactics for a Sapphic Seizure of Power

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Strategies and Tactics for a Sapphic Seizure of Power

"In a Gynarchic society Womyn will live a life of ease and comfort and a large number of submale slaves will always be necessary to perform all the menial and tedious work at the bottom of society. The submale only need some education, hard training and in most cases castration to become useful to Womyn. And the subjugated and castrated submale will find happiness in his servitude, to serve, worship and obey his Female owner will be his greatest joy and pride! A totally subjugated submale is a happy submale! Non-Lesbian Women are not outside the Gynarchic revolution, certainly not! But Womyn who can find love and peace with other Womyn are probably more able to build a Gynarchic society where submales will be owned by Womyn and trained for service and hard work.”

 To this end, there have been developments in science which point the way to the mass enslavement of males by simple yet efficient means that can spread like wildfire.  The discovery of the female copulin is a milestone in the programme by which ordinary women can be empowered to place their spouses under total control without them even knowing.    Because male authority has exclusive tenure in society, it is clearly first and foremost that authority which needs to be destroyed.  How is this best done?   The psychological underpinning of the male mind are the key to this question.  How do men understand relationships?  Relationships are based on, and descriptive of, power.  If power is removed from men in their relations with others, their authority is eroded and the underpinnings of their psychic defenses crumble.  How is this accomplished?    If challenged intellectually, the male responds with aggression and even violence; the likelihood of reducing their status by this means is not great.  However, when men are taken unawares into a cycle of behaviour that subtly strips them of power though at the same time not seeming to give it to Woymn, there is a much greater chance for a change in the power balance.  Given enough time, every man can be brought to a state of submission to dominant females, and to giving up all power to them beyond the means of taking it back…the mastery of the male comes through having him give up his power voluntarily, then making it impossible for him to have it back.  In this condition, his only choice is to accept the loss of his power and to adapt to new circumstances in which power will be solely exercised by Woymn over him.

 There are two ways this can be achieved.  Most common is the subtle expression of dominance by a Womyn who knows and uses their knowledge that men implicitly need to acknowledge their inferiority to Womyn.  If you know for sure that it is man’s place to serve Womyn, there is no great difficulty bringing this about.  One just needs be patient and slow with them, never challenging directly, but talking rather like to a child or animal, coaxing, stroking, reassuring, but always sure to be leading them further and further away from power, towards the place where they too late realize that they have given all away to their new Owners.    This approach would, in the past have been overly consuming of time and energy, but with the simple application of the copulin technique, any male can be reduced to helplessness and servitude within a short time.  And with broader use of the practice, the sharing of results and experience, along with the refinement of method will come quicker, easy results.  And when they see their men so easily reduced in power and authority, they will also begin to look away from them as objects of desire and attention, turning instead to the empowered Femme as the natural love partner for their newly released erotic energies.  This in turn will lead the disempowered male further into self doubt, passivity, and acceptance of exclusion from their former spouses’ favours. In this feedback loop of denigration, despair and denial of release, the former master will be unable to resist the erosion of his status and rights, and eventually accept his new role as (one of) Her kennel of degraded lackeys as the natural order of things.    Devolution of the male psyche into the half-human, half-animal state of the     L'ESCLAVE MÂLE which the benevolent vision of the Great ALINE ‘ARBRANT has made an  imaginable and now achievable goal.

   We are at present, humankind, caught in the grip of black magicians, who use their foul magic for the ruin and enslavement of all.  We need a greater magic with which to combact this plague, and the all penetrating masculine magic of the Lesbian Leader ALINE D’ARBRANT is what we having been waiting for.