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This forum, and the site to which it is attached, grew out of a wish that sprung into mind a few days back, when I learned that the birthday of Aline d'Arbrant was coming up soon. I became possessed of a desire to send some small token of appreciation for the great Gynarchical theorist.  As I work (feverishly) to fashion something that I could imagine to be a worthy tribute, it became clearer and clearer to me that someone had to make a fresh start at placing the visions of Sapphic Society that has been so boldly sketched in the oeuvre of her and other continental Gynarchists within reach of the English speaking world.  So I began to string together those writings which I have made or have collected, with the motivation of creating a place in which it is possible to study, discuss, adopt and work together to put into practice the radical Gynarchic vision of the future/past which these important expositors have made available.  The more I worked upon that mission, the more clearly I was also able to see the importance of constructively critiquing that movement, it's membership, and the course of events which have led up to what appears to be a dangerous level of stasis and inactivity on the part of just about everybody in the Gynarchic world. I'd like to find out more as to what that's about, and maybe some of the people involved will share some behind the scense insight here into it all.  That would be most welcome, as well as any other positive contributions to the intentions stated above.

No matter how fast I've blazed through the past few days in seeking to fashion something I can be proud to make available to the community, the site is a mere sketch of what I would like it to be, what I know it can become.  That's entirely OK; a few days ago the site was not even dreamed up, let alone begun.  So please excuse the dust...we're definitely "under construction," but in a labor of love!