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What is Sapphotrophy?
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Well, it's a neologism, of course.  Since I coined in, in looking for a way to get across what I consider to be a key element of the Sapphic lifestyle as I have seen it described by the great expositors, I guess I will try to explain it!

 "Sappho" needs no explanation here. The adjective trophic, meaning “having nutritional habits or requirements” in combination with it gives a means of describing the ecology of the energy system by which the state of "Gynarchy" is distinguished.  Sapphotropic lifestyle involves the presence of a level of primary energy producers and one of consumers, the same as in all food chains.  In this case, the primary energy producers are the males who through their labor convert raw materials into forms useable to the consuming caste, who are the 'femmes' who operate the levers of power in a Sapphic society. To function efficiently as a primary producer requires of the male a learned capacity to adapt their identity to a broader spectrum than the simply human. In the same way that plants convert sunlight through photosynthesis, in accord with the teachings of the expositor Aline d'Arbrant, the male must make an identity for himself as vegetable, capable of the basic transposition of energy into matter by means of the psychic control exercised by the femme for whom they produce.  In a way similar to the alchemic process, the male is capable of turning his physical toil into goods useful to the consuming caste, and equally, able to turn his physical energies into a psychic commodity which that same caste can harvest and utilize.  This is the theoretical goal and end point of the Sapphic vision of gender relations, but of course there is a large gap between the vision and it's actualization.  

And it's exactly the nature of that gap that calls forth the need for this forum, as a place wherein the tangible evidence of how this multi-leveled transmutation (of society, of individuals, of systems) can be effected.  All of us who can provide some concrete examples of the working knowledge of the mechanics of the craft must needs communicate  them to others, so as to create a spiral of knowledge which in the same manner as the vortex, gains more and more energy as it spins.  Spinning the web of Wytched Wisdom...that sounds like a good title for another entry here!

I shall expand upon the subject of this transmutation at another time.