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The Radical Vision of Aline d'Arbrant (Part One of Two)
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Aline d’Arbrants’ oeuvre takes shape in style befitting the Queen of Gynarchic theory.  The body of her output, literary, socio-political, philosophic, is hidden from view.  Exactly as the female sexual organs remain ‘out of sight,’ the intransigent refusal of the patriarchal culture to allow voices of  resistance access to it’s organs of media, Her message stays out of sight.  While at first glance  a seeming a defeat to the cause of Sapphic Supremacy, it is in fact a strategic victory; out of sight is not, in this case, ‘out of mind.’  The invisibility of the great Expositor d’Arbrants’ works means that there has been absolutely no corrosive adulteration of Her ideas by the minions of repression in the fashion so well described by Baudrillard.  The ideas remain as She presents them: pure, unadulterated, unfiltered, potent, instead of the usual course by which all truly challenging protests are stifled, stupefied, and bowdlerized into a  hollowed out simulacra of themselves that serves only to reinforce the prevailing system.  As such the d’Arbrant corpus remains the only serious  means by which the prevailing patriarchal programme can be met and defeated, and proper attention must be paid to keeping it unsullied and therefore virile in effect.  How may this be achieved?

 Just as a Queen bee is protected and defended in Her hive, the Royal d’Arbrant’s fecund corpus of ideas and inspirations must be protected and defended by a collective effort on the part of followers motivated to use the most skillful means to amplify the dissemination of Her majical invocation of Supremacy.  While logic, rhetoric, persuasion and passion are traditionally tools employed, the message of the Gynarchic Queen is  best communicated through the skill of submission. To learn complete obedience to Her Will, and by so doing, reducing the interference/resistance factors within the mediums of communication at large, actually outstrips all intellectual skills.  The later can be used well only when harnessed to this capacity of obedience, by which Her acolyte/slave creates a resonant emptiness within themselves for the receiving and amplification of Her command. Like a signal put out at a pitch  beyond the range of hearing, the amplified Voice of Gynarchic Authority will  thus connect to converts who can be added to the stable of supporters engaged without reservation in the battle for mass acceptance of the Gynarchic programme.

 The engagement of radical Gynarchic vision with the mainstream forces of liberal ideology always produces but one result; the impetus and power of the radical message is destroyed through mixing with gradualist, moderate, or reform minded feminism. As feminism finds itself absorbed into, and a part of, the patriarchal body of oppression, it is discardable as a force for change, and should be shunned by the real proponents of radical Femme Supremacy.  Keeping the message free of reference to these types of faded and discredited streams of thought, is key to making the d’Arbrant message penetrate through the screen of lies and evasions employed by male culture.  And penetrate it must, uncompromising organ of Her will the tool which attracts, mobilizes and psychically controls the army of Her slaves in the information war to come.

 Sapphic subsumation of all male attributes, of  power, of hardness, intransigence, forceful logic and preening display  is useful for countering the infiltration of the usual fogs of deception by which the black magicians of patriarchy  misshape the perception of Gynarchy as a “women’s movmement.” The dynamic between the Femme Supremacist and Her slaves is one that allows for a two way flow. From Her, the commanding Will that  ensnares the subject consciousness and binds it in compliance, to Her, the masculine attributes that are the grateful offering from Her slave in exchange for his privilege of serving Her.  A Gynarchic perspective involves the strategic adoption of the entire palette of attitudes, emotions, thoughts and actions available to the species as a whole…at the same time as reserving for the dominant Femme the exclusive privilege of giving full expression to the unique qualities of the feminine spirit!  Deadly and delightful, wrathful and playful, lustful and demure, She applies and discards screens of appearance with the facility of the actor for whom all life is a stage.